PolTherma TS – wall sandwich panel PU

Excellent insulation and fire resistance EI 30

PolTherma TS

PolTherma TS is a standard wall panel with a core of PU rigid foam. Fastening to supporting construction is realized by a screw that comes throughout the whole panel (visible joint). Main features of the TS panels are: high durability, easy fixing, wide modular width (1130 mm). The TS Series is equipped with side gasket that improves tight of joint (being a seal).

The PolTherma TS is an example of standard product featured in nowadays technology. PolTherma TS is a best choice for agriculture buildings.

Better resistance to thermal deformation for the new profiling:

  • MicroCoffer MK 550 – PolTherma TS MK550

Also available in standard profiling:

  • Linear – PolTherma TS L
  • Micro – PolTherma TS M
  • Grooved – PolTherma TS R

Sandwich panels PolTherma TS could be installed both in horizontal and vertical way to steel, wood and reinforced concrete structures.

Sandwich panel PolTherma TS - applications

  • External and internal walls/ceilings in buildings of different types
  • Commercial facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Logistics centres

Main data PolTherma TS

PolTherma TS - rysunek techniczny
Modular width [mm] 1130
Fire resistance EI 15, EI 30
Core Europan PU Wall System Core — rigid PU foam with declared density 38±3 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,022 W/(m∙K) at +10°C including aging, according to EN 14509:2013-12

Technical data PolTherma TS

Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal conductivity value λD [W/(m∙K)] Thermal transmittance coefficient Ud, S for profiling: M, R, L, P [W/(m²∙K)] Thermal transmittance coefficient Ud, S for profiling: K, MK550 [W/(m²K)] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
40 0,022 0,58 0,71 10,4 28
60 0,022 0,37 0,42 11,2 18
80 0,022 0,28 0,30 11,9 14
100 0,022 0,22 0,24 12,7 11
120 0,022 0,18 0,20 13,5 9
160 0,022 0,14 0,14 15,1 7
200 0,022 0,11 0,11 16,5 5 – 6


Connection types PolTherma TS


Profiling PolTherma TS

External profiling

Profilowanie PolTherma TS zewnętrzne mikrokasetonowe 555 - MK550

PolTherma TS MK550

Profilowanie PolTherma TS zewnętrzne rowkowe - R

PolTherma TS R

Profilowanie PolTherma TS zewn?trzne liniowe - L

PolTherma TS L

Profilowanie PolTherma TS zewn?trzne mikro - M

PolTherma TS M

Internal profiling

Profilowanie PolTherma TS wewn?trzne liniowe - L

PolTherma TS L

Realizations with PolTherma TS

PolTherma TS - realizacja 1PolTherma TS - realizacja 2PolTherma TS - realizacja 3
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PolTherma TS - materials to download

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