PolTherma PS – wall sandwich panel PU

Panel with hidden joint

PolTherma PS

PolTherma PS is a wall sandwich panel with a rigid PU core, assembled to supporting construction in an invisible way (hidden joint). PolTherma PS series takes advantage specially for the expansions – in already existing buildings with standard profiling, new part of wall can also look similar to already existing. With smart solution of hidden joint, design of a new wall is modern and smooth. Due to a special profiling on the joining edges, screws and required special washer are hidden by the next panel’s nose. Thus, building elevation is free from any visible fastening points.

Wall sandwich panel PolTherma PS is available in profile options:

  • Micro - PolTherma PS M
  • Linear – PolTherma PS L

PolTherma PS is available in special option:

  • FLEXI – panel with internal flexible facing instead of metal one. This kind of product is the best for thermo-modernization (building insulation) as well as for renovation (refresh elevation).

Sandwich panel PolTherma PS - applications

  • External walls in buildings of different types
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Logistics centres

Main data PolTherma PS

PolTherma PS - rysunek techniczny
Modular width 1025 mm
Fire resistance EI15
Core Europan PU Wall System Core — rigid PU foam with declared density 38±3 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,022 W/(m∙K) at +10°C including aging, according to EN 14509:2013-12
Option FLEXI – internal flexible facing, instead of metal one

Technical data PolTherma PS

Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal conductivity value λD [W/(mK)] Thermal transmittance coefficient Ud, S [W/(m²∙K)] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
60 0,022 0,39 11,5 18
80 0,022 0,29 12,3 14
100 0,022 0,23 13,0 11
120 0,022 0,19 13,8 9
160 0,022 0,14 15,3 7


Connection types PolTherma PS

Profiling PolTherma PS

External profiling

Profilowanie PolTherma PS zewn?trzne mikro - M

PolTherma PS M

Profilowanie PolTherma PS zewn?trzne liniowe - L

PolTherma PS L

Internal profiling

Realizations with PolTherma PS

PolTherma PS - realizacja 1PolTherma PS - realizacja 2PolTherma PS - realizacja 3
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PolTherma PS - materials to download

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