Vapor barrier

Material used for damp proofing, that resists diffusion of moisture through wall, ceiling and floor assemblies of buildings and of packaging

I – Insulation

To withstand fire exposure, on one side only, without the transmission of fire in the form of significant heat transfer.

E – Integrity

To withstand fire exposure, in general from below to above, without fire passage through to the other side in the form of flames

R – Load bearing capacity

To maintain loadbearing without the loss of structural capability

Fire resistance

The ability of building components and systems to perform their intended fire separating and/or loadbearing functions under fire exposure.

Thermal transmittance U-value

It is the rate of transfer of heat (in Watts) through one square metre of a structure divided by the difference in temperature across the structure.

Coefficient of thermal conductivity ( lambda)

Denoted λ it is a main feature of insulation material. It is the property of a material to conduct heat. Thermal conductivity is measured in [W/m*K]

Sandwich panel

Modern, composite structural product, which consist of the two metal sheets and insulation layer . Sandwich panels of our range are intended for the following use: external and internal walls, roofs and extended ceilings. The major benefits are: fast and easy assembly (shorter installation time and lower total investment cost) and less operation costs of the building thanks to very good thermal parameters.

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