Akcesoria EuroPanels
Accessories are an indispensable part of the proper sandwich panel installation. In EuroPanel’s offer there is a wide range of different accessories that together make a whole assembling system. Metal flashings, sealants, screws, rivets, special tapes etc. just to name a few.

Firstly, you need to fix the panel to the supporting construction. To do this, special screws are necessary. As there are plenty of different kinds available on the market, we do not recommend to use them judging only on availability or price. Only specialized screws that we recommend are dedicated and meet requirements of our sandwich panels.

Secondly, you must not leave the panels just screwed onto the construction. Metal flashings are required not only for improvement of final look of the building, but mainly for covering opened core edges as well as joints with windows, doors etc. Protection against wind, rain or snow is the same as important as adding the final touch to the esthetics.


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