Insulating panels

Płyty izolacyjne EuroPanels

Saving by insulation

Using the POLTHERMA SOFT as an effective thermal insulation of the building, allows the rapid increase of temperature in heated rooms. At the same time it prevents the building from cooling down and helps to keep the constant temperature. POLTHERMA SOFT is an excellent thermal insulation in winter and summer.

Insulating panels offer

Insulation of flat roofs

ThermaMembrane – insulation sandwich panel PU

Termoizolacja i hydroizolacja w jednym
Modular width: 1000
Thickness: 80; 100; 125; 140; 174
Contact type: zakładkowy
Fire resistance: REI 20; B-s3, d0; BROOF (t1)
Core: Europan PU Insulation System Core

Insulating panels

Poltherma SOFT – insulating panels

Saving by insulating
Modular width: 1050 (n/a thickness 40), 1220
Thickness: od 40 – do 120 mm
Contact type: overlapping, simple (n/a LAMINATE/COMPOSITE)
Fire resistance: class E, F
Core: Europan PU Insulation System Core
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