ThermaDeck PRO – roof sandwich panel EPS

Roof panel EPS with hidden joint

ThermaDeck PRO

ThermaDeck PRO is an example of roof sandwich panels with EPS (expanded polystyrene) core. In our product you have a choice of assembling method: panels could be secured to supporting construction by a screw that comes throughout the panel (visible joint) or with a specialized WLOZAMOT jumper and a screw (invisible joint).

ThermaDeck PRO panels are recommended for roofs with a slope of at least 4°(7%) with one panel up to 7 m length and at least 6° (10%) for panels joined on length, with sky-lights, chimneys etc .
Roof sandwich panel ThermaDeck PRO is available in profilings:

  • Grooved – ThermaDeck PRO T

Available option:

  • FLEXI – panel with internal flexible facing instead of metal one

Sandwich panel ThermaDeck PRO - applications

  • Roofs in buildings of different types:
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Logistics centres

Main data ThermaDeck PRO

ThermaDeck PRO - rysunek techniczny
Modular width [mm] 1190
Fire resistance E class
Core EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) with density of 15-20 kg/m³, thermal conductivity value (decleared) λD = 0,040 W/(m∙K)
Option FLEXI — panel with internal flexible facing instead of metal one

Technical data ThermaDeck PRO

Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal conductivity value λD [W/(m∙K )] Thermal transmittance coefficient UC [W/(m²∙K)] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
75 0,037 0,46 10,2 7-8
100 0,037 0,36 10,6 7-8
150 0,037 0,24 11,1 6
200 0,037 0,18 11,9 4-5
250 0,037 0,15 12,8 4
300 0,037 0,12 13,6 3


Connection types ThermaDeck PRO

Profiling ThermaDeck PRO

External profiling

Profilowanie ThermaDeck PRO zewnętrzne Trapezowe - T

ThermaDeck PRO T

Internal profiling

Profilowanie ThermaDeck PRO wewnetrzne trapezowe - T

ThermaDeck PRO T

Profilowanie ThermaDeck PRO wewnetrzne liniowe - L

ThermaDeck PRO L

Realizations with ThermaDeck PRO

ThermaDeck PRO - realizacja 1ThermaDeck PRO - realizacja 2ThermaDeck PRO - realizacja 3
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