MWS – wall sandwich panel with mineral wool core

Wall sandwich panels with high fire resistance


Wall sandwich panels with mineral wool are made of two steel sheet metallic facings and a construction-insulation core layer. The core layer is made of mineral wool (density: 120 kg/ m3). The panels can be fixed to different kinds of structures throughout the whole panel with the specialized screws. Specifically designed and profiled tongue and groove joints guarantee a very good tightness and make the whole structure fireproof

Wall sandwich panels MWS are available in profilings:

  • micro-wave - MWS V panel
  • micro-trapezodial – MWS T panel

Sandwich panel MWS - applications

  • Internal and external walls in different kind of buildings, where high fire resistance is required
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

Main data MWS

Modular width [mm] 1150
Fire resistance EI 60 (o↔i) for thickness: 100; 125 mm
EI 120 (o↔i) for thickness: 150 mm
Reaction to fire NRO / A2-s1,d0 1)1) provided that the mounting directly to the elements of the class A1 or A2 for reaction to fire (except for gypsum plasterboard) or any distance from them.
Core Mineral wool, density 120 kg/m³

Technical data MWS

Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal conductivity value λobl [W/(m∙K )] Thermal transmittance coefficient UC [W/(m²∙K)] Weight 1 m² [kg]
60 0,043 0,66 15,05
80 0,043 0,54 17,45
100 0,043 0,41 19,85
120 0,043 0,33 22,25
150 0,043 0,28 25,85
180 0,043 29,45


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