ThermaBitum – insulation sandwich panel PU

One layer system on the trapezoidal sheet


ThermaBitum is mainly dedicated for thermo-modernization of existing roofs, in the case of which the most important aspect is to improve the insulation of buildings, especially in the context of the new, increasingly demanding, regulations in this regard. Using the panels, you can also perform classless roofs, within the meaning of fire resistance, in newly constructed buildings that need not to meet such requirements.

Insulating panel ThermaBitum - applications

  • flat roofs with a slope of 0 – 15°

Main data ThermaBitum

Form universal PU thermal insulation panels with underlay
Purpose new and modernized flat roofs, with an angle of inclination of 0 to 150
Modular width [mm] 1025
Overall width [mm] 1050
Overall length = modular [mm] standard: 2400 (min. 2100, max. 8000)
special: optimized to the dimensions of the roof (on request)
Longitudinal joint type overlap of 50 mm (type A); 75 mm (type B)
overlapping with overlapping fold with underlay for welding of adjacent panel
Transverse joint type simple, dilatation necessary for installation of 20 mm to the next panel filled with
mounting foam, ending to cover and seal with the 20 mm roofing felt underlay
Top cladding roofing felt underlay 2.3 mm with the overlap along the panel length
The insulating core Europan PU+ Insulation System Core – polyurethan rigid foam with a density of 33±3 kg/m3
Bottom cladding multilayer composite with Kraft paper, PE film and ALU
Waterproofing top felt having a thickness of 5.0 mm, with the polyester insert of 250 g/m2, SBS modified class NRO, torch surface welding cladding panels of felt underlay as a single-layer system
Required additional layers vapor barrier (PE film min. 0.2 mm or roofing felt underlay)
glass veil of at least 120 g/m2 (between the vapor barrier and the panel)
Attaching to the base mechanical telescopic system (sleeve + bond) over the entire surface
Resistance to fire REI 30
Roof resistance to external fire BROOF (t1)
Resistance to compression (at 10% deformation) 120 kPa
Reference document compliance with the european standard PN-EN 13165+A1:2015-03

Technical data ThermaBitum

Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal transmittance coefficient U [W/(m²∙K)] Thermal resistance value R [(m²∙K)/W] Thermal conductivity value λD [W/(m∙K )] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle
60 0,37 2,70 0,022 5,29 18
80 0,28 3,57 0,022 5,97 14
100 0,22 4,55 0,022 6,65 11
125 0,18 5,56 0,022 7,53 9
140 0,16 6,25 0,022 8,22 8
175 0,13 7,69 0,022 9,41 6


Realizations with ThermaBitum

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