ThermaMembrane FR – insulation sandwich panel PU

Thermoinsulation and Waterproofing in one

ThermaMembrane FR


ThermaMembrane FR is the most recent, breakthrough technology in flat roof insulation systems. With the use of “2 in 1″ method (integrating waterproofing and thermoinsulation functions) it utilizes panels made with PU foam that are factory-covered with a waterproof layer which is produced with specialized roof membrane. Highly simplified single-layer setup allows to cut assembly time by 50% in comparison with multi-layer systems. Combination of hydro- and thermoinsulation layers prevents the formation of empty gaps which greatly improves performance and durability of the setup. Attachment of panels to the concrete or steel (trapezoidal sheet) base occurs with the use of telescopic systems. Panel’s joints are weld with flexures of roof membrane. The full set of assembly accesories is available.


Very good thermoinsulation parameters. Large range of available thickness variants (100, 125, 140, 175 mm). Single-layer setup of waterproofing (roof membrane 1,2 mm as front facing of the panels). Compressive strength 120 kPa (at 10% strain). Reaction to fire  B-s3, d0. In FR (Fire Resistant) version, the product has fire resistancy REI 30. classification. Fire resistancy to external fire BROOF (t1). Panels are by default available in 1000 x 2400 mm (width x length) format. On an individual request there is a possibility to optimalize lengths of the panels to the dimensions of the roof (by reducing the number of transverse connections). Excellent resistance to variable temperatures and UV radiation. Compliance with standard: PN-EN 13165:2010.

Insulation panel ThermaMembrane FR - applications

  • flat roofs with a slope of 0 – 15°

Main data ThermaMembrane FR

Form specialized panels of thermal insulation with PU foam with resistance class REI 30
Purpose new and modernized flat roofs, with an angle of inclination of 0 to 150 on steel or concrete base
Modular width [mm] 1000
Overall width [mm] 1120 (membrane), 1035 (core)
Overall length = modular [mm] standard: 2400 (min. 2100, max. 8000)
special: optimized to the dimensions of the roof (on request)
Longitudinal joint type overlapping with the overlap of 120 mm membrane to weld electrically on contact with the adjacent plate
Transverse joint type simple, the assembly must have dilatation of 20 mm to the next panel filled with mounting foam to cover and weld with the strip of 200 mm of membranes with an adjacent panel
Top cladding specialized membrane with a thickness of 1.2 mm with overlap along the length of the panel, reinforced with glass fibers, with a geotextile
The insulating core Europan PU+ Insulation System Core – polyurethan rigid foam with a density of 33±3 kg/m3
Bottom cladding galvanized steel sheet of 0.20±3 mm
Required additional layers vapor barrier (PE film min. 0.2 mm or roofing felt underlay)
glass veil of at least 120 g/m2 (between the vapor barrier and the panel)
Attaching to the base mechanical, telescopic system (sleeve + connector ) in panel joint
Resistance to fire REI 30
Roof resistance to external fire BROOF (t1)
Reaction to fire B-s3, d0
Resistance to compression (at 10% deformation) 120 kPa
Reference document compliance with the european standard PN-EN 13165+A1:2015-03

Technical data ThermaMembrane FR

Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal transmittance coefficient U [W/(m²K)] Thermal resistance value R [(m²K)/W] Thermal conductivity value λD [W/(mK)] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
100 0,22 4,55 0,022 7,2 11
125 0,18 5,56 0,022 8,1 9
140 0,16 6,25 0,022 8,6 8
175 0,13 7,69 0,022 9,8 6


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