ThermaBitum FR – insulation sandwich panel PIR

System for hydro and thermoinsulation of flat roofs

ThermaBitum FR

ThermaBitum FR is a product of very high fire resistance performance, ignitable while maintaining the same performance in terms of insulation. These panels may be mainly used in new facilities in which the requirements for fire resistance are high.

The current classifications for this product:

  • REI 30 – for the system on trapezoidal sheet
  • B-s3, d0– or the system on trapezoidal sheet
  • BROOF(t1) – in terms of the roof resistance to external fire, make them ideal in terms flat roofs with a slope of 0 – 15°.

The combination of very good insulating properties with the high, given above, fire resistance parameters, make this product an extremely modern and sought one on the market of construction materials.

Insulating panel ThermaBitum FR - applications

  • flat roofs with a slope of 0 – 15°

Main data ThermaBitum FR

Modular width 1050 mm
Fire resistance REI 30
Roof resistance to external fire BROOF (t1)
Reaction to fire B-s3, d0
Core Europan PU Insulation System Core — rigid PU foam with declared density 38±3 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,022 W/(m∙K) at +10°C including aging, according to EN 14509:2013-12

Technical data ThermaBitum FR

Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal transmittance coefficient U [W/(m²K)] Thermal resistance value R [(m²K)/W] Thermal conductivity value λD [W/(mK)] Weight 1 m² [kg] Number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
100 0,22 4,55 0,022 6,65 11
125 0,18 5,56 0,022 7,53 9
140 0,16 6,25 0,022 8,28 8
175 0,13 7,69 0,022 9,47 6


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